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Blueberry Lemon Biscotti Photo
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Blueberry Lemon Biscotti Rich dried blueberries enveloped within bright lemon flavors, this Italian indulgence is perfect for dunking or light snacking

Our mother Annie and her brother Rocco, loved sitting around the kitchen table where family members would gather; listening to Grandpa tell his stories about his childhood. They would all sip on a glass of homemade Lemoncello that Grandma made and eat fresh fruit that Grandma picked from Grandpa’s orchard of fruit trees. Grandma knew that Annie and Rocco were too young to drink, so she took her basket of lemons and created a Lemon Blueberry tart dessert. Grandpa and other family members loved the dessert so much, Grandpa, a lover of Grandma’s homemade biscotti cookies asked her to create a special biscotti made with lemons and blueberries that he could share with the family. The next time Grandpa had the family over, he didn’t serve the homemade Lemoncello; instead he surprised them with Grandma’s special Lemon Blueberry biscotti. A treat that became a family tradition!

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