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Almond Orange Biscotti Photo
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Almond Orange Biscotti This Italian delight is a delectable blend of sweet sliced almonds and bold orange flavors, perfectly baked for dunking or snacking

Grandpa loved harvesting his fresh, tangy oranges and grandma loved to bake deserts and breads with her sweet almonds. The inspiration of this biscotti was created while picking bushels of ripe oranges from Grandpa’s small orchard of orange trees. Grandpa always had a small burlap bag in his pocket filled with Almonds…..that he would snack on when picking his oranges. After snacking on almonds and eating the tangy oranges, Grandpa asked Grandma to make a dessert filled with his tangy oranges and her sweet almonds that he loved to snack on. Grandpa’s heart with filled with joy; where the Orange Almond biscotti cookie was now his favorite snack when picking his tangy oranges.

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