DiBella™ When you cook, if love is the main ingredient, a table full of friends becomes a house filled with family. - Josephone DiBella
Photo of dough mixer

All Natural Goodness

Our mixing and baking process along with keeping to our secret family recipe is what makes a DiBella® brand Italian biscotti taste great! To ensure that great taste, each and everytime, we have three generations of the DiBella family that are actively involved in all aspects, from mixing, baking and packaging of all DiBella® brand Italian biscotti.

Furthermore, to ensure that our DiBella® brand Italian biscotti are as fresh when the consumer gets them, as they were the day we baked them, each authentic biscotti flavor is individually wrapped in the best food grade level, high-barrier foil film.

This high-barrier film not only allows the biscotti to remain fresh at home, once the box has been opened, but is the perfect solution for today’s convenience-driven, go-anywhere consumer.

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